About Us

To become a Rural District Council with socially and economically empowered communities by 2020.

This is achieved through employment creation and by having large mining and farming areas which facilitates the eradication of poverty.

Bindura Rural District Council commits itself to provide quality services to communities in a transparent and professional manner through participatory and sustainable development approaches.

BRDC is keen to provide its communities with efficient and effective services that enhance social and economic developments within the communities. This is spearheaded by the acquisition of new technological machinery and equipment. This includes the computerisation of the organisation for improvements in the accounting system and database management as well as equipment for the development and maintenance of road infrastructure. This actually enhances sustainable development by securing competitive advantage from existing and potential stakeholders especially business people who initiate welcomed developments within the area.

BRDC’s values include:-

  • Transparency
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism

Values provide guidelines to council so that it can achieve its mission statement. It promotes community participation to ensure that the services provided align with the needs of customers and enhances transparency and accountability thereby facilitating good governance.

BRDC has set itself four objectives which it intends to achieve in order to fulfill its mission statement. These objectives are as follows:-

  • To provide and maintain total quality services to all residents, business and many other stakeholders.
  • To develop a transparent system of recruiting and retaining suitably qualified workforce.
  • To provide stakeholder participation in civil and council business.
  • To strengthen council financial resource base.

The objectives are only achievable if the council is equipped with enough resources that will allow efficient and effective services to be delivered. However, due to the prevailing economic environment in the country, some of these objectives remain unachievable. Many rate payers have a seasonal income and are neither employed nor have any reliable source of income to pay council rates and taxes. This makes it difficult for the council to realize its targeted revenue within the shortest and convenient time for it to spearhead its operations.